19/5/15: "I'm your body" released on Witten Anthology CDs
"I'm your body" for amplified quartet, ensemble and electronics is released on the 2014 Anthology cds of the Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 2014, performed by Klangforum Wien and Emilio Pomarico.
15/5/15: "Marmoré e Murta": Jacquemyn-Koole-Prins (improv)
The excellent Brasilian label Seminal Records just released 'Marmoré e Murta', 50 minutes of improvised music with Matthias Koole (e-guitar), Peter Jacquemyn (double bass and voice) and me on electronics. Recorded at Q-O2 in Brussels. Soon also on CD.
07/5/15: Essay "Über das Multidimensionale" in MusikTexte
MusikTexte 145

My essay Über das Multidimensionale has been published in the most recent MusikTexte (issue 145, May 2015). The English version of the text can be downloaded on the same link.
30/4/15: "Theater van het hybride lichaam" in Kunsttijdschrift Vlaanderen
MusikTexte 145

My essay Theater van het hybride lichaam. Bewegen in onze augmented reality (in Dutch) has been published in the most recent issue of Kunsttijdschrift Vlaanderen (issue 353, April 2015).
28/3/15: Radio portrait on Deutschlandfunk
Based on several hours of interviews from the past years, Barbara Eckle made the radio portrait "Fleisch und Prothese" about my music for Deutschlandfunk. Click here to listen.
10/2/15: Recording "Mirror Box (Flesh+Prosthesis #3)" online
The wonderful Trio Accanto premiering Mirror Box (Flesh+Prosthesis #3) for sax, percussion, piano and live-electronics at Eclat Stuttgart on 6/2/2015.
31/12/14: New video "Flesh+Prosthesis #0-2"
New video online from the first performance of "Flesh+Prosthesis #0-2" by the fantastic Nikel Ensemble at the Darmstädter Ferienkurse 2014 (13th August 2014).
12/10/14: ISCM Young Composer Award
Very happy to be awarded the Young Composers Award at this year's ISCM World Music Days (Wroclaw, Poland) for Piano Hero #1, after a memorable performance by Małgorzata Walentynowicz.
6/10/14: Laureate of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts
I'm honored to be this year's Laureate of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts in the class of the Arts.
16/08/14: Premiere of Ministry of Bad Decisions
After a full year of fun and preparations with Brian Archinal and Yaron Deutsch we proudly presented our brand new band Ministry of Bad Decisions and its first show "I think I will" at the final concert of this year's Darmstädter Ferienkurse. More concerts coming up in 2015-2016!
16/08/14: "Ensuite" by Ballon in Lyon
New video online of a wonderful performance of "Ensuite" by Séverine Ballon in Lyon, 4th of October 2013.
30/07/14: Darmstädter Beitrage für Neue Musik 2014
My article Composing Today. Luft von diesem Planetem has just been published in the 22nd edition of the Darmstädter Beitrage für Neue Musik (2014).
1/03/14: "Alien Bodies" - article on my music in "Dissonance"
Swiss Music Journal for Research and Creation "Dissonance" has just published Tomasz Biernacki's article Alien Bodies about my music and aesthetics. It can be freely downloaded on the website of Dissonance.
16/11/13: Recording of "Flesh+Prosthesis #1"
Live-recording of the first performance of Flesh+Prosthesis #1 for ten.sax, e-gtr, pno, perc and soundtrack by the Nikel Ensemble during Wien Modern, 8th of November 2013.

Click here for the audio recording only.

28/9/13: "Composing Today" in Klangforum Agenda & Positionen
My text Composing Today, Luft von diesem Planeten, written for the new Klangforum Wien Agenda, is now also published online in English and German. Or click here for the original Dutch version. The German translation will be published in the november issue of the new music journal Positionen.
25/9/13: Recording "Generation Kill" released on NEOS
The live recording of the premiere of Generation Kill at the Donaueschinger Musiktage 2012, in a great performance by the Nadar Ensemble, is featured on the new "Donaueschinger Musik Tage 2012"-compilation CD-box on NEOS

Image from Generation Kill

2/4/13: New video online of "Generation Kill"
New video online of a great live-performance by the Nadar Ensemble (in collaboration with Centre Henri Pousseur) of "Generation Kill" at the Ars Musica Festival 2013 in Brussels on 23rd of April 2013.

For a video of "Generation Kill-offspring 1", click here

18/1/13: "Fremdkörper" double-cd in Chicagoreader's top-10 of 2012
The double-cd "Fremdkörper", containing 10 compositions of mine from between 2004 and 2010, released at Sub Rosa, made it to the top-10 of the Chicagoreader's cd-releases of 2012. For more reviews, click here.
27/12/12:"Piano Hero #1" selected for ISCM World Music Days 2014

"Piano Hero #1" for midi-keyboard and live-video has been selected to be performed during the ISCM World Music Days 2014 in Wroclaw, Poland
20/12/12:"Generation Kill" one of ten memorable performances 2012
Alex Ross in The New Yorker - Culture Desk: [Amongst the ten memorable classical performances of 2012 was the premiere of] Stefan Prins’s “Generation Kill” at the Donaueschingen Music Days. This blistering study of video-game culture and drone warfare showed a composer at the front lines of his art.
12/11/12: Alex Ross on "Generation Kill" in The New Yorker
Nothing made a deeper impression than 'Generation Kill', an explosive synthesis of live and electronic sound by Belgian composer Stefan Prins." (...) The result was mind-bending, and not in druggy, blissed-out way. As the composer intended, it was disturbingly difficult to tell what was real and what was virtual. The musicians were caught in temporal loops, as if Philip K. Dick had written a novel about chamber music. (...)
Read the full article and other press reviews on the première of Generation Kill at the Donaueschinger Musiktage here.
Click here (and scroll down to "Konzert mit dem Nadar Ensemble") to see the full video of "Generation Kill" as performed by Nadar Ensemble during the Donaueschinger Musiktage.






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