The tension between my activities as a performer, improviser (piano, prepared piano, amplified objects, live-electronics) and composer are essential for my musical evolution.

Since I started to play the piano at early age, my interest shifted gradually towards contemporary music, composed and/or improvised. As a performer I nowadays move constantly between these two worlds, playing the piano with or without the use of sound-modifying objects, playing amplified objects and/or live-electronics, using programs I designed in MAX/MSP (such as “The Granulator”).

With the trio reFLEXible I perform in the context of instant composed music, using piano and objects and/or live-electronics. The duo with Horacio Curti (shakuhachi) is another important collaboration in this area. Besides occasional ad hoc collaborations, I regularly pick up my musical investigation as a solo improviser (piano prepared with objects), often in projects involving other media such as film, video, dance, ...

Stefan Prins during performance

Bram Bosteels, Matthias Koole, Joachim Devillé, S.Prins - live in Denmark, May 2010

With Champ d’Action, an ensemble that operates both in the world of contemporary written-out music, in that of improvised music – and in areas where both meet - I've been performing since 2004 as a pianist/improviser and as live-electronics-musician. Together with Pieter Matthynssens, Daan Janssens and Katrien Gaelens, I'm part of the artistic board of the ensemble for contemporary composed music, the Nadar Ensemble, for which I do the live-electronics as well. Recent collaborations included projects with the Ictus Ensemble, the ZWERM electric guitar-quartet and [sic] saxophone quartet, as well as a new duo laptop-project with composer-performer Richard Barrett. Together with the group Pas de cinQ, I perform music on the borderlines of theatre and music. The trio Piedrapapeltijera (with Horacio Curti and Vika Kleiman) is a long-term project in which dance and music coexist in the context of improvisation.